About Us

A little about Leah's Chook shed. We have been breeding our beautiful Heritage Breeds of chickens since 2013. The breeds we have accumulated and am working with, are the breeds that are closest to my heart. Like so many people I thought the world of chickens consisted of ISA Browns and Black Australorps. After a little research, called Google, I found the world of chickens was much more diverse. Heritage Breeds wont lay as many as an ISA brown per week but will still provide you approx 4 or 5 beautiful eggs per week over many more years. With so many varieties and colours, there is something for everyone. They make an amazing addition to your back garden with their stunning plummage and relaxing qualities. We hope you will love them as much as we do.


Initially our prime goal was to sell quality fertile eggs. Selling eggs that are only 24-48 hours old to ensure great hatch rates.


This year as well as continuing to provide quality fertile eggs, we will also be hatching chicks with a goal to provide our customers with cute, healthy and robust little chicks that would grow into stunning hens.  As I mentioned earlier, our beautiful birds/breeders have been raised to Australian Poultry Standards so if you are a breeder of any of our breeds, you can buy from us with confidence. Some chookie fanciers have even entered birds or fertile eggs bought from us at Leah's Chook Shed and have gone on to win First, Second and Third places in various Poultry shows. Fantastic feed back which has overwhelmed us that we am going in the right direction but still grounded enough to know the work never ends.


We have been asked so many times about creating a webpage, I thought I would be easiest if we set up a simple page with a few pictures and then build and update whenever time allows. We hope you enjoy looking through our web page and hope you will revisit from time to time to see the updates.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or any feedback.


We will be updating our webpage every few days to show what we have available at the time, to help make it easier for you.  Please click on "Current Availability" to check what we have available at the moment.  


Thank you for visiting our page and we hope you will visit us again soon. Hope you have an fantastic day. :-)