Origin of the Breed

The Araucana originated in Chile, South America.


In American varieties are rumpless and without a tail and have tufts on the sides of their face.  The British standards have both tailed and rumpless varities. However in Australia only the tailed variety are accepted as standard.


Characteristics of the breed

Araucanas are well known for their blue eggs. The egg colour is caused by a DNA retrovirus that occurred sometime early in domestication.  Aruacanas are considered to be an alert, hardy, fertile breed. Though some have a tendency to flightiness, we have found that the younger they settle into their new surroundings, the less flighty they tend to be.  Araucanas are wonderful layers, laying regularly well in their third year. Some will go broody, and make excellent mothers, while others may not go broody at all. 


Laying Ability

Araucanas lay approximately 190 - 200 eggs per year.


Breed Standard