Buff Orphington

Origin of Breed

 The Orpington was originally created in 1886 by William Cook in the village of Orpington in Kent, England as a

 dual-purpose breed.  The large size and docile nature of the Orpington has made them a very popular bird for the  backyard.

Characteristics of Breed

 Buff Orphingtons are a heritage dual-purpose breed. Their golden-yellow plumage in contract with their bright red combs  and wattles are absolutely stunning. They are not flighty but have a calm and friendly temperment making them an ideal  chook for families with young children.

 Laying Ability

 Buff Orphingtons are not the greatest layers, laying approx 180 eggs per year on average.  However they make up

 for it with their beauty and wonderful docile natures making them great for children.