Copper Marans



Copper Marans have the darkest eggs of all the chicken breeds. Egg color does vary from bird to bird, the time of the year, their diet and whether they are free ranging on green grass or confined to a coop. The eggs from Marans average around 5 in Australia due to our limited gene pool however overseas some birds lay as dark as a 9 on the Marans colour scale.  


Your marans wont provide you with a dark egg all year long. We occasionally get a 6, and usually happens in early Spring or late Autumn when birds are just coming into lay.


Marans dont lay many eggs compared to the Wyandottes, Australorps or Welsummers, and can average between 140-160 eggs per year. So if you looking for a hen to provide you with lots of eggs, you may need to rethink the Marans, however, if you want a stunning egg basket, Marans are a must have. 


Marans make wonderful pets - they are hardy, calm and quiet, and handle confinement in a coop well. They are good foragers without being TOO destructive to your garden.