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Origin of the Breed:

The Ancona originated from the Marche region of Italy and was named after the capital city, Ancona. 


Characteristics of the the Breed:

Anconas are a hardy breed in both hot and cold environments. They love to forage and are active.  They can be a little flighty, however Anconas handled from a young age will be more settled and It stands to reason that any chicken that’s been handled regularly will be tamer than one which hasn’t, regardless of the actual breed. If you prefer a docile breed then perhaps some of our dual purpose breeds may be a better way to go :-)

Anconas have beautifully stunning beetle green black feathers with a gorgeous white V shape at the tip of every feather making them irresistible and a must have for chicken lovers who want stunning birds in their flock. 

Young Ancona chicks are adorable, their first feathers make them resemble a penguin, however as their plumage develops, you will begin to see more and more "spots" developing until the full white chest completely disappears and is replaced by the gorgeous plumage you see on this page :-)

Laying Ability:

Anconas lay well and will produce between 250 - 270 eggs per year. Their eggs are white and a good size.