Double Gold Laced Barnevelder


Origin of the Breed

Barnevelders are believed to have originated in the town of Barneveld, Holland and can be traced back to 1885. The Dutch wanted to develop a hen that was both hardy and would produce eggs that were brown in colour. 

Characteristics of the Breed

Barnevelders are a dual purpose breed, meaning that were breed for not only eggs but also for meat. They love foraging and free ranging. Barnevelders are a quiet breed and respond well to human interaction, making them a wonderful addition to any family flock.  For some reason they are known as a lazy chicken lol, so its important they get plenty of free ranging time to ensure they get plenty of exercise.  A fat chicken WONT lay eggs :-)

Barnevelders can go broody from time to time and are good mothers.


Laying Ability

Barnevelders will aprox 200 - 250 eggs per year. They lay particularly well during the winter months so if you live where it is quite cold during the winter months, the Barnevelder wont let you down and will lay plenty of eggs when other breeds have slowed right down or even stopped. Eggs are dark brown and medium sized eggs.

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