You have decided its time to buy some of our beautiful sexed and vaccinated day old chicks, after all, with so many beautiful breeds to choose from how can you resist J. It's a wonderful experience to share with your children at least once.  Share their delight and teach them how to raise and learn to handle their own little chookies.


As you all know I love to recycle, so if you have a large plastic storage tub in the house or garage great, this will serve as your brooder box and best of all, you can wash and disinfect and use it as a storage tub once again. No need to make things expensive I say.


Next you need a portable clamp on flood light from Bunnings(around $16), that can be used around the house after your chicks no longer a heat source.  A bag of quality sawdust, a drinker, a feeder and a couple of take away containers and your ready to drop over to Leah’s Chook Shed J


Apart from needing warmth from your new flood light, the most important factor is keeping their bedding dry at all times.  Allowing bedding to become wet, soggy or too poopy, you risk your chicks getting coccidiosis, a parasite (in the simplest terms), which is fatal if not treated as soon as symptoms are appear i.e. your chick isn’t active but merely hutched over and fluffed up.

Ways to avoid Cocciodiosis, as mentioned earlier, keep the bedding clean and dry at all times, feed your chicks a good quality medicated chick starter which contains medication to help prevent Cocci and plenty of fresh clean water.


Once you have your chickies home, it is always a good idea to check with your local feed store whether they stock any cocci treatments, just in case you need it. There is nothing more devastating than having a chick to get sick and you are unable to find treatment for your her in time.  Sulphur 3, Amprolium and Baycox are the treatments used that I am aware of.  Sulphur 3 is probably the most easily accessible from your produce store.


Chickens usually develop an immunity and a resistance to Cocci once they have reached 16 weeks of age.

I want everyone to have a wonderful experience with our beautiful chicks but things do happen from time to time, no matter how much love and care you give them.  I am only a phone call or SMS away if you are concerned or have questions.