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Chicks, Chickens and Chooks

All our chicks are professionally sexed and vaccinated. We are proud to provide you female chicks that have been fully vaccinated. Our vaccination program includes; Marek's disease, Fowl Pox, Infectious Broncitis, Coryza and Mycroplasma. This sets us apart.... when we say fully vaccinated, we mean fully vaccinated. This gives you peace of mind you are taking home beautiful healthy birds.

Our Pullets from 6-8 wks of age are given Avitrol Plus wormer tablets on pick up as a curtesy as we treat you and your chookies, the way we want to be treated. 


Chicks hatch every fortnight on a Sunday and then sexed and vaccinated the following Tuesday.  Female Day Olds through to two weeks ($20) available in the following breeds;

Sadly our prices will increase from 1 January 2019 as the prices of feed for not only our chicks but our breeding birds, has increased by more than $4 per bag in less than a year.  The prices below reflect our new prices. We have kept prices realistic and comparable to other breeders, given our girls receive lauke-mills products, vitamins and of course a full vaccination program, which is rarely offered.


NEXT HATCH DUE: 15 September 2019

This is the perfect age to give to your broody hen to raise for you :-)


We have the following pullets available;

1 week old female chicks - $20 ea

2 week old pullets (female) chicks  - $25

  • ​1 Polish chicks

  • 2 x Blue Australorp

  • 4 x Red Ancona

  • 4 x Black Ancona

4 week old pullets (female) chicks $30

6 week old pullets (female) chicks $35​​ 

     (Last booster shot is given at this age)  (off heat during the warmer months of the year).

  • 2 X Buff Leghorn

8 week old pullets (female) - $40​ (off heat)​

If you are unable to find our breeds your looking for listed above, you are more than welcome to pre order (no deposit required).

Crested Cream legbars, Vorverks, Cotswold Legbars and Silver Spangled Appenzeller chicks/pullets are limited and will need to be preordered.

  • Day old pullets - $30

  • 8 weeks - $60

  • Crested Cream Legbars and Cotswold Legbars are rare breed that lay beautiful large blue eggs. 

  • Our Vorverks, Cotwold Legbars and Silver Spangled Appenzellers were purchased directly from Avgen from their imported lines.

Fertile egg and chick and chook availability does vary from week to week, so feel free to call to discuss ordering some of your favourite chookies in advance.  We are always happy to help whenever we can. Call Leah on 0404 499 616.

Fertile Eggs

Last Updated 21 September, 2019. All our breeders are fed quality Lauke-Mills Showbird plus various suppliments to ensure the best hatch rates possible.  When available our eggs are $50 per doz for standard breeds (standard breeds plus $25 for express posting if needed.

I am only selling the following fertile eggs this season;

  • Anconas

  • Red Anconas

  • Australorps


Mystery dozens are $50 per doz are available only to customers who  accept mystery dozens are a "mystery". No orders will be processed specific requests of coloured eggs.  I do my best to provide a variety. 

​Mystery dozens with at least 4 rare breeds fertile eggs (limited orders) are $80 per doz. (When available)

Full dozens are listed when we have a plentiful supply of eggs and can meet an order easily.

Mixed Dozens list includes breeds that are laying but no enough to make up a dozen within 48 hours.

If the breeds are not listed either means there are not enough eggs or we need to fill our incubators to meet chick orders.

Hope you have a wonderful day :-)