Our Breeds


My collection of chookies started 5 years ago with a few araucanas and some beautiful light sussex girls I aquired from Lee Evans at Feather Flower Brush at Glenorie.  I was searching for Araucanas to find out what they were, did they really lay a blue egg or was my dear friend, Vera pulling my leg. Whilst scratching my head trying to figure out what an Araucana was, I discovered the stunningly beautiful Silver Laced Wyandotte.... oh I just had to have some.  Of course I fell in love with them at the end of breeding season and no body and I mean nobody had any.  Deflated and just about to give up,  I found a breeder in Dubbo not only Gold Laced Wyandotte chicks but also Silver Laced Wyandotte chicks. You guessed it, I drove to Dubbo and back the same day so I could bring back these beauties. As many of you will agree, chookies are an absolute addiction. So many gorgeous birds with stunning plummage, and/or beautifully coloured or toned eggs.  I just couldnt stop... Only one thing stopped me.... I thought if I am going to do this, I want to do it well. I want to do the breeds I have the justice they deserve and breed only the best birds I can to Australian Poultry standards. I am not perfect and still have so much to learn but I can honestly say, I have never enjoyed life more than I do right now breeding our beautiful birds.  I hope the birds you choose, will bring you as much joy and pleasure as they have done to me.