• Hi Leah, just to let you know that I had great success with my fertile eggs 20/24 hatched into lovely cheapy chicks. - Lisa, Tasmania.

  • Hi Leah, 8 Blue Laced hatched yesterday :-) thanks heaps again, Im a very happy chicken mum/dad and I will be in touch for more Plymouth Rocks in a few months time! Greg.

  • Good Morning Leah. Just to let you know that the Blue Australorp fertile eggs I got hatched. 13 out of 16 were fertile and all 13 hatched. Great success rate. Very Happy. Thanks so much. Danny.

  • Yes eggs arrive yesterday perfect condition !!🐣🐣  - John, Bega


  • Hi there, just wanted to let you all know that I bought some eggs off Leah a few weeks back and I had a 100% hatch rate. They are just the most beautiful and healthy babies I have ever had and Leah is brilliant if you need some advice. Also wanted to say a very big thankyou Leah and in a couple of months time I'd love to come back and get some more! Happy hatching!!  - Gina, Berry


  • The eggs have arrived! And remarkably, thanks to your amazing packing skills, none were broken!! Thank you! - Harriet, SA


  • WOW! That's the best packaging I've ever seen and mine is very good! If we dont have the best hatch ever from posted eggs, it wont be for want of bubble wrap................ well done! Really, well done! - Lindsay, Vic